About restoration

About restoring limited partnerships to the register

A limited partnership is restored to the Limited Partnerships Register when the Registrar enters the name on the register. A limited partnership that is restored to the register is deemed to have continued in existence as if it has not been removed from the register.

Assets of a limited partnership

The limited partnerships assets vest in the Crown under the Limited Partnerships Act 2008, where they are described as bona vacantia (ownerless goods (Lat)).

The Crown is represented by the Treasury in this instance, to which initial inquiries should be directed. On restoration, the assets re-vest without formality in the limited partnership as if it hadn't been removed.

Assets of a removed limited partnership by liquidation

As with money in a bank account or shares in a limited partnership, the Crown has power of disposal, so the person interested should write to the Treasury at the address given below.

Address for Treasury

PO Box 3724

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