Making a complaint about a general partner

Reporting possible mismanagement or illegal activity relating to limited partnerships

If you are aware of a general partner, or person who has been involved in the management of a failed limited partnership, who may qualify for prohibition then you should lodge your complaint using our online form.

What to include in your complaint

When making a complaint it's helpful to set out in as much detail as possible the particular conduct that you consider amounts to mismanagement which caused the failed limited partnership or limited partnerships. If a complaint doesn't include sufficient detail of mismanagement, it may not be possible for us to consider prohibition of the person who is the subject of the complaint.

How to make a complaint

Use the online form on the Companies Office website to send us details of your complaint.

Make a complaint

What happens next

After receiving a complaint, we'll conduct initial enquiries to gather information about the limited partnership and the reasons for failure. This will generally include making enquiries of any insolvency practitioners (liquidators or receivers) that have been appointed to the failed limited partnerships, seeking their views on the reasons for failure.

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